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Hospital Rate Increases

State statutes (DHS 120) require Wisconsin hospitals to report certain price increases to WHA Information Center (WHAIC).

When a price increase causes a hospital’s gross patient revenue to increase faster than the rate of inflation (specifically, the increase in federal government’s consumer price index, or CPI), the hospital must report the price increase to its community and WHAIC.

To meet the requirements, a hospital must publish a notice of the price increase in a local newspaper.  The notice must indicate the individual charge elements affected by the increase.

CPI Information
A CPI increase of 1.4% was reported by the U.S. Department of Labor effective January 13, 2021.  It is in effect until a new CPI is reported in early January 2022, effective December 31, 2021.  We will notify all hospitals and post the new information on the WHA Information Center website.  Hospitals reporting rate increases effective after the new CPI information is available should use the new CPI to determine if their rate increase is reportable.

The most current version was last modified on January 13, 2021.