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Hospital Utilization Review

The Hospital Utilization Report presents selected hospital utilization data for Southeastern Wisconsin hospitals. Data is collected on a monthly basis from area hospitals and compiled to come up with an analysis of hospital performance. The Hospital Utilization Statistics Report has been produced since 1965, when Comprehensive Health Planning Agency of Southeastern Wisconsin (CHPSEW) first began compiling and Reporting regional hospital data.

Southeastern Wisconsin Health System Agency (SEWHSA) assumed the maintenance of the regional hospital utilization data in 1976. In 1987, SEWHSA merged with The Planning Council for Mental Health and Social Services to become the Planning Council for Health and Human Services, Inc. The Report eventually became the property of the Hospital Council of Greater Milwaukee Area (HCGMA). In 1996 HCGMA went out of business.

WHA Information Center (WHAIC) recently made a significant number of changes to improve and automate the hospital utilization reporting process. In January 2019, WHAIC implemented a new process for reporting through a secured portal and newly designed database. For more information about the changes that were made, please review the materials that are available in the Hospital Utilization Reporting Communications and Updates section.

There are no fundamental changes to the reports posted to the Wisconsin Hospital Association's website. 

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