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Health Information Professionals Week Lunch & Learn

April 21, 2021
11:30 AM-1:00 PM


We welcome you to join our Lunch & Learn to share your story.

In the event we do not get enough interest in sharing stories, we will share some of the tools available with the discharge data we collect from your hospital or ASC. 
In keeping with the theme for Health Information Professionals (HIP) Week, Jennifer Mueller and Cindy Case will be hosting a lunch-and-learn to hear from you, your stories (good, bad, funny, or sad).  We want to understand the impact COVID had on you, your family, job, or overall wellness.

We don’t, and won’t have all the answers, but we do understand the human aspect and the toll COVID-19 took on a lot of folks in the health care environment. The pressures health information professionals endure in the health care arena and how you dealt with this exceptionally crazy uncertain past year with your family, kids, school, zoom or team meetings. Did you find yourself with a dog or child as a new coworker? Or perhaps you never worked from home and had the psychological burden of going into the health care environment this past year. What’s your favorite memory or worse story you would like to share that had an impact on you or your family during the pandemic?
Stories may be uploaded in advance or if you would like to share verbally during the meeting, simply click the share meeting option during registration.  With your permission, the stories may be shared on our website and during our lunch-and-learn program. We believe everyone should be given the opportunity to share their experiences to learn, laugh, confirm they are not alone, or simply move past the trauma.

Please CLICK HERE to participate in the Lunch & Learn. 

We will hold several drawings for attendees’ participation and personal stories.
For questions or registration contact WHA Information Center.