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Physician Review Notification

WHA Information Center (WHAIC) is under Chapter 153, Wisconsin Statutes, to collect, analyze and disseminate hospital and ambulatory surgery discharge data.  The information is submitted directly from hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers using a secure web portal.  All Wisconsin-licensed physicians are provided an opportunity to request the review of any record(s), associated with their Wisconsin license number and National Provider Identifier (NPI), where they are either the attending or procedure (operating) physician.

The physician review process occurs concurrently with the facility review process which is approximately twelve weeks after the data submission quarter ends.  To request your records to review, complete the online registration form to the WHAIC Secure Portal.  A follow-up account activation letter will be mailed to the address you have on file with Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS) to confirm your access.  An email notification is sent out when the data is available for review.  

WHA Contact

Suzanne Staudenmayer
Data Coordinator
EMAIL: Suzanne Staudenmayer

Please note that if you have changed your name or address from that which is on file with the Department of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS), or that which was supplied to the DSPS at the time of credentialing, you will need to update the DSPS before registering to the WHAIC Portal.  As defined in the DSPS Newsletter, "all applicants and recipients of a credential are required by Wisconsin Statutes to notify DSPS when they change their name or address from that most recently provided to the Department.  The applicant or credential holder has 30 days to notify the Department from the date the change is made."  For more information, please visit DSPS.